They do with this one too. And it’s not that Nazis and Klansmen aren’t real. Clearly they are real as fuck. She’s not implying they are not. Or that they weren’t wrong to go to Charlottesville and act a fool. She’s just saying the media doesn’t really give a damn about any of that. (And they don’t.) They are just using the incident to push their own agenda — to intimidate and frighten and further divide people and freak them out.

Believe me, I am black in Virginia. So Charlottesville did freak me the fuck out! (Still freaked about it, quite honestly.)

But, at the same time, I do recognize:

1. The media is trying to terrorize blacks with all this coverage

2. The media is trying to terrorize Jews with all this coverage

3. The media is trying to amp up hardcore racist (Southern and otherwise) with all this coverage

4. The media is attempting to set up precedents for the elimination of a variety of civil right

and most importantly

5. the media didn’t give a fuck about covering Standing Rock — the environmental protests that went on for months, which proves that the media doesn’t give a fuck about human rights, at all.

Hmmmmmmmmm. Let’s consider it.

A day in Charlottesville?

Months in South Dakota?

A day in Charlottesville compared to MONTHS in South Dakota under treacherous weather conditions. Klansmen and Nazis carrying tiki torches v. People having water to eat, drink and live.

Which was more news worthy? In my mind, the whole water thing. Water is life, you go ahead and try living a day without it. At least I can try to outmaneuver the Klan. (It’s been done before by members of my very own family.)

The media manipulates the hell out of these violent events, milking them for all the fear and terror they can squeeze out of them.

I think this is what Caitlin Johnstone is trying to point out. Not that the Charlottesville thing wasn’t real fucked up, she knows it was. She’s just saying, the media doesn’t give a damn about any of that. They are using it, to push an agenda and divide and conquer strategies that are not to my benefit, nor yours either.

Working with the Light!

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