Thinker Thursdays — Wild Women

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Amli as a Wild Child


Cindy brings us in to a seemingly warm and wonderful space in “I am.”

I am from a mess of grits, from fatback and fried bologna. I am from warm potato salad, Crisco fried chicken and lard biscuits.

Oh Gawd! This sounds delightfully yummy to a ghetto princess like me. Ain’t no cooking like that southern cooking, which is basically soul food, but down south, everyone eats it (yes even the white people) and all the time! Warm potato salad? WTF? That’s a thing? Is it good? Okay. I’ll try it.

The Maiden, The Whore and the Crone

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He smells like daddy, he is 28; he praises my maturity as his fingers crack open my body.

Do you want to try more out from Cindy’s world? Are you sure? She walks you through the stages of her life( Maiden, Whore, Crone) in pieces, that are about 10 minutes long. This memoir perfectly reps the life in 10 community- and how we do. After “I am,” we learn about the “Vampire.” And oh-uh. Shit starts getting real.

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Fair Maiden/Old Hag Optical Illusion What Do You See?

We slip our hands between our legs, run our fingers under the boys’ noses, whisper, ‘you want some of this?’

Goddamn…what a story. This is just part one — Maiden. We haven’t even begun to explore part two — Whore.

Pussy Power

In “Pussy Power,” (Whore), even this ghetto princess is shocked, (and yet intrigued) by lines like this:

Because I am now a lesbian and my parents are fine, upstanding Christians, they take custody of my daughter. The law backs them up.


She ends up in a small, dangerous and desperate place. That’s evident from “Why I left Him.” Where we learn that there is a baby, a girl, two months old. And see, that’s the trouble with pussy power, you wanted power, or maybe you just wanted love, but you end up with a baby instead. And this baby is at risk.

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Working with the Light!

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