“This article appeals to me on various grounds, but troubles me on others. I’m neither red nor violet about it.”

OMG! This is so funny! You are clever! I laughed out loud! You also sound very British in this response! (Which typically, not so much, but I think it’s cute!)

“Lots of people sure do wish they were all energy, but when they look in the mirror its all mass.”

I know right? It’s almost impossible to believe that this is not the case…that this is all some sort of illusion, but the science really does prove this is so. You have to also account for the light. We are not just mass. We are mass, that moves. Why? Because of energy. Where does the energy come from? The mass interacting with the light? That’s what the equation says, but where’s the light? We don’t see it, although there are those who claim that they can see auras of light off of people. I cannot. But I have always been able to feel the energy of people, places and things. This is not a concept explored in Western culture, but it is in Eastern ones.

“It’s not a shaking or nervous thing, but a sort of very real and not unpleasant vibration — typically just after I turn in at night.”

Oh! That sounds fun! I’ve never heard of an experience like that, but there are certain kinds of music, that are meant to achieve certain kinds of effects, where you feel like you are vibrating, I mean all music vibrates, but some more than others. And certain binaural beats will make you feel as if you are vibrating. These beats claim to make your smarter, or help you focus, or heal your cells or something. I like them. Classical music is also good for focus. Especially Mozart. Truly something special about that guy’s music.

“The presentation of that Hicks spectacle makes me wary. Anytime I see auditoriums full of people paying for some life-changing miracle I’m inclined to believe that any real benefits are likely a mix of people’s determination to do anything to sort their lives and a bit of placebo effect.”

I know right! It is as you so Britishly say, a “spectacle.” I first encountered them through a book- and I, much like you, was very wary. I was like, these two nutterbutters! But to me, the book had a lot of decent advice around learning how to manage emotions, which has always been so hard for me! With the book they included a CD full of these spectacles, as you would say. People ask them questions…make me feel better about X,Y or Z…and she always manages to do it. Is it just a big freak show con game? (And by that I mean there is no Abraham- the collection of spirits, but just the two who have come up with a really good show?) Maybe. But it helps people, and for these sorts of people, they tend to be pretty affordable. (Around $200 a session.) They also sell tons of audios and books. Jerry has passed on now, and so people will ask Esther to channel him. Like, how awkward is that? I am of two minds about their whole deal. Yes, it seems like a crock. But on the other hand, it does help people navigate their emotions, and they are a big part of the LoA phenomenon that has a good deal of traction over here in States. I don’t know about other parts of the world. But if you want to understand LoA, they are considered experts, and can answer any question anyone has about it, consistently.

“I think many in the West are in similar situations today: they have been told by the media and their education that life is other than it is. So, I’m off topic here, but I think it is worth mentioning that a lot of bad vibes result from a sort of dishonesty that is endemic in modern culture. For example, every last advert you see promotes the idea that you can have a wonderful life if you will only buy product or service X — but the reality is that the consumer society is spiritually empty, and just playing the game reduces us to affluent-looking wage slaves.”

Endemic dishonesty. I just could not agree more. I often say, (and no one here likes to hear me say this) we Americans are the house negroes of the world. I say that because in American slavery, the slaves who worked inside of the house were treated slightly better and more humane than the slaves who worked in the fields (like they were worked and beaten to death). But the ones who worked in the house, were slightly more valued, were treated slightly better, and had nicer things because they had a more complex skillset — but they were still slaves! Compared to the rest of the world, on the outside looking in America (used to) seem like a Promise Land. (With Trump at the helm, it doesn’t seem like that anymore.) Yes, Americans have nice things, a higher standard of living than most in the world. And we have a lot of space. While Europeans seem to have a higher quality of living, everyone seems packed in. When I look at House Hunters International- I am stunned by the small spaces Europeans live in. I would imagine being that crowded in can very quickly get uncomfortable. But the Europeans have seemingly worked that out by having big, beautiful, shared public spaces as well as shared culture, which is rich, having been developed over thousands of years.

In American we have little of that. But we do have stuff…but the jobs that we have to work to get it. They are awful, terrible jobs; and we are often slaves to them. Just in my own lifetime the quality of work, has been degraded, more and more and more. Where the systems keep getting hijacked to serve some hotshot’s greed and profit margin - and huge numbers of people lose. The educational system has become a total joke over here. It is awful everywhere except in the most affluent of areas. They want to fire all the teachers (especially the good ones) and hire computers to brainwash the kids. Major corporations are behind this initiative. They are actually coming inside of the schools and demanding that certain things be taught. Writing the bad programs that teach the kids crap, and making taxpayers pay hundreds of thousands for it. They only want to teach things that ensure, for example, that they have an ample amount of workers who can follow their explicit instructions, and not much else. They are trying to destroy the liberal arts- because God forbid we have to many critical thinkers on the planet.

In Washington, D.C. where I live, most of the affluent industry is defense. A lot of people make amazing amounts of money building these defense systems, so America can terrorize the world. But what a spiritually empty job that is. Meanwhile, the masses in the military live in relative poverty and squalor, especially when that system is done with them. And the sad thing is that our vets who have sacrificed their lives for what they believed was their country, will come back home and tell you (if they are smart) that they were conned. It was all a lie- and they had no idea what they were fighting and killing for, (some will say probably oil) but they will say it wasn’t for our country. They complained about being ordered to kill innocent people who just happened to be in the way. And it just crushes the souls of some of them. One of my former vet students, wrote an essay “Why Does God Hate Me” — based on his experiences overseas in the Middle East in the military. On the other hand, some of them seemed to be psychopaths who rather enjoyed it. I guess there is a job for everyone. I told one of my military students, “you scare me.” And, I was kind of joking…but I kind of wasn’t. He was clearly someone who had no qualms about killing - moral or otherwise.

So the spiritually empty consumer society is actually just the tip of the iceberg. It goes so much deeper and is so much more disturbing than that. They don’t just want us to buy things, incessantly, they also want to turn us all into soulless murderers. So…that’s why I call Americans the house negroes of the world…we are the top slaves, in the world plantation that terrorizes the entire world. But most of us have no clue that this is so. Most Americans are totally clueless as to what American foreign policy is, and how it impacts the rest of the World — and how and why we are hated for much of it. And, some of the people who hate us are here, which is why some Americans are freaking out over “Radical Islam.” Is it as much a threat as they would like to believe? Who knows? It could be…we’ve been messing around in that part of the world for so long, and they hate us so much, there’s just no telling. A lot of my Islamic students gave me pause…because I could feel their energy. It was often, quite red!

I had a lot of international students because American community colleges are affordable for affluent internationals who want an American education. (For what it’s worth- which in my opinion not a whole lot.) They are the best students. Intellectually, they run circles around the Americans. It’s not really a fair comparison, because the internationals are probably some of the smartest people in the world, but the Americans are the bottom of the barrel students. Smarter and more prepared American students would be at better colleges.

When I would try to explain to my American students, how much of the rest of the world views us, the vets kind of got it, the Internationals understood everything I was saying and would look at each other with a knowing, oh so here’s an American who knows a thing or two, meanwhile most Americans would be utterly clueless. Everyone else in the world is just jealous! Because we have the best sports teams and celebrities and I-phones! Talk about vapid consumerism. I do have to admit…the I-phone is pretty dope. But it’s largely made in China.

Endemic Dishonesty. It is off topic, but not really. I feel like people are waking up to this, for whatever reason, and are looking for solutions. We all want something else because the spiritual emptiness is almost palpable. As Boy George once said, “War is stupid!”

People are wanting something else — primarily more meaningful life experiences. And people, like me, are wondering, how do I abandon this construct- rife with dishonesty and corruption and violence - and find something real. Can I vibrate out it? (But can I take my I-phone with me, or is that too shallow a request?) Can I think and feel myself into an energy field with mostly violet waves? It sounds like you might be on your way. I wish my neck would vibrate!

But seriously, I think that people are abandoning the construct in more ways than one. I enjoy reading Joe Brewer’s articles on how and why we must abandon the current reality. He makes the case that it is done. He writes a lot about getting off the grid, breaking out of the systems. Getting a piece of land and starting all over - outside of the system, with minimal reliance on it. I used to think the hippies who actually did these things were nuts! Now, I’m thinking…you know what…hippies, yall were definitely on to something. But breaking up with your current reality…how do you do it? It’s such an overwhelming prospect, physically. Which is why I am more focused on the mental and spiritual. So…it’s articles about Einstein and Jesus.

Jesus was not a Christian. I mean, you have to realize that whole con game started up long after his death. Christianity began with a bunch of gangsters trademarking his name and using it for their own deceitful and malicious intents. Jesus would be appalled to be associated with anything that modern day Christianity ascribes to or represents. Jesus just lost it when the pharisees were selling stuff in the temple…that’s when they decided they had to kill him. Jesus was revolutionary and cool and probably largely misunderstood by almost everyone on the planet. But people are waking up…

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!