The democrats are morons who know nothing about our constitution. They have so poorly educated themselves they don’t know the first thing about our own system. It’s astonishing.

The president decides if we should know if there are aliens on the earth or not if there are.

The president decides if we should know if Russians have nukes pointed at us or not.

The president decides whether to tell us if there are terrorist threats we should know about or who should know about such threats. END OF STORY.

Is not hanging up the phone. It’s crazy.

I am all for hanging up the phone. By all means…hang up the phone. It is probably the best option for all Trump Supporters, if the alternative is this:

The president is the ultimate authority on this because this is what our constitution says and who else could it be? The Democrats? The courts? The congress? They literally make this stuff up!!!

Now that, is a deep and fundamental misunderstanding of the entire constitution and the entire system of checks and balances that the founders created expressly for the purpose of checking a lunatic in power. And I’m not saying Trump is necessarily that lunatic (though probably he is).

I’m just saying that we have a system in place. It has been in place for well over 200 years. Trump supporters- I guess- like Trump soooooooo much that they have the idea that they can appoint him dictator for everyone- and we are all supposed to just go along with the destruction of a functioning democracy that has been in place for 200 years.

It has never worked like that. Never. And it won’t this time either. This will fail, despite the long rants, that insist Trump is King all hail him. This will not happen simply because nutso Trump supporter says so. Naw.

But wait…the plot thickens! Another Trumpie, comes along out of the woodwork, and calls me crazy, (did you see that crap above) for simply pointing out that Trump is acting- quite honestly — NUTS! And then, when critcically questioned, he just breaks down into insane drivel, just like Trump! He seems least coherent than the first guy! (Like seriously, Trump is driving yall crazy.)

Now, along comes you. Much saner sounding, with hang up the phone. Yes, I agree, by all means, if you are a Trump supporter and you don’t like the backlash against Trump, just hang up the phone. Like forever! Don’t ever call back! Don’t pick it up again! What’s the point in that?

If you want to nurture an relentless and infinite belief in someone who has shown themselves to be utterly incompetent, then by all means, have at it! But don’t try to convince, people who have navigated years of life successfully from a certain viewpoint, that they are crazy because they don’t agree with you. You will never win that battle. Never, ever ever! It’s a total waste of time, especially on social media where you have no power- none, to really influence someone. You are spitting in the wind.

We all have certain viewpoints, and are not likely to relinquish them because of anyone else’s perspective.

I could care less whether the Trumpsters acknowledge Trump’s incompetence, or hang up the phone, or whatever. Ultimately, the problem with Trump is a huge problem, primarily for his supporters and their party. If you put all your faith, trust and hope in someone who is bonkers, well it will probably come back to bite ya.

But not me. I’m apolitical. I don’t get into the Dem or Pub game and I don’t fall for cults-of-personality, nor do I drink Kool-aid laced with cyanide, even when threatened with hellfire.

What I can’t stand, no matter what the party affiliation is are: lies, corruption, hypocrisy (and that’s always in both parties) or BLATANT incompetence (that’s typically just the Pubs.) The relentless assumption that I am an idiot that can’t add 1 and 1 to get 2 or cast a vote in my own interest — or that I can, so suppress my vote. (That’s always the Pubs.)

The Trump administration assumes that people are idiots. I don’t care to have my intelligence insulted in this way. I find it deeply offensive. At least try to be sophisticated with the deception, like the Dems. Hide it in some emails, don’t pee in my ear and try to tell me it’s raining. (Always Pubs) But if that wasn’t enough, now Trump and Co. have some how gotten scores of lackeys all over the place, who are hell bent on convincing me, that I am in fact an idiot (or crazy) because I refuse to call the pee rain. (And no coming from a Russian prostitute doesn’t make it okay!) It’s piss! Get the hell away from my ear!

The president decides if we should know if there are aliens on the earth or not if there are.

Really??? Really!!!!!! It’s too much! By all means, hang up the phone! And don’t call back - ever.

Working with the Light!