This doesn’t have anything in the least to do with anything I am saying.

All the so called economic systems have failed horribly…and if anything Marx was right about Capitalism being defective by design. But this really has nothing to do with black lives mattering, unless you are saying that black lives mattering equals Marxism- and with your twisted perverse logic, that maybe true.

Because in order for capitalism to work there must be slaves!!!!! And if black people want their lives to matter, and not be slaves, well then white Americans can no longer profit off of and get wealthy off their blood and bones, as they have in the past under “capitalism.”

Capitalism is an old deeply corrupt and outdated system. In the 1700s the Wealth of Nations -capitalism’s Bible — went for a whopping price of $17,000…in the 1700s! That’s a lot of money for a book. Back then All the nations were trying to get wealthy. They wanted that book.

But right now it’s clear that the nations have been involved in all sorts of Ponzi schemes for the last 50 years at least. All the economic systems are fucked…and railing against an imaginary one? (Marxism has never been a thing!) and associating it with the Black Lives Matter movement?

You have been deeply propagandized into bullshit. Lemme guess..Fox News. Do you even know what Marxism is? It’s about people NOT BEING SLAVES to corrupt economies. You got a problem with that? You want slavery huh? Who should be the slaves? People of color of course.

All the money systems are corrupt, stacked in favor of a few, crime-ridden (with guns, illegal sex/rape and drugs -Jeff Epstein? Pizza?) and crumbling…why is that so hard to say?

Instead you fall for some bait and switch bullshit…all your capitalist dreams could come true (whatever the fuck those are) if people would stop saying black lives matter!


The capitalist dream…What is it exactly? Getting rich enough to enslave, torture and pimp out kids to the world leaders? That seems to be the REAL capitalist dream…Jeff Epstein…what a guy!!! He’s a billionaire!!!! (He ain’t dead. Trust. Sitting in some island chilling somewhere trying to figure out how to do it all again.)

All the so called financial systems are fucked. But instead of dealing with this…and with the people who fucked them up, (cough billionaires and now trillionaires) you wanna blame it all on the people who built this country FOR FREE, while pretending to have no knowledge of this.

You know nothing of the institution of slavery…it has nothing to do with you! Except that it empowered you to enslave, rape and kill black people…and you kinda like that feature…don’t want that to go away. Must have the police on standby to do this for ya, am I right?

Black people are the dog you want to kick and kick and kick, because the metaphorical man is shoving it up your ass, fast and furious.

All the economies all around the world are crumbling. Black Americans whose ancestors BUILT THIS COUNTRY FOR FREE, are not to blame for that.

Killing and demonizing black Americans is not going to relieve your anxiety about any of it, in fact, it will make it worse; and that’s exactly where we are.

White Americans realizing that they have done the most diabolical and atrocious things to people of color, (for money) are now terrified they are gonna face some kind of retaliation or retribution (now that the money is fucked and the systems are crumbling.)

Meanwhile Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg, the Google guy, have their plans for humanity, 10,000 times more vicious than anything 30 million black Americans can or would do. But let me guess…you adore those guys…worship them. They are capitalist GODS…and if you just worship at their alter, everything is gonna work out for you. And you probably really (desperately) believe this.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, this shit is a wrap. Capitalism has been done. Globalism is the new game…and it is rigged as AI is running it. You can’t trade on race anymore, cause the rules of engagement have changed. Siri is raceless, Alexa is raceless! And they are both way more efficient, valued and productive than a human will ever be, even a white male human.

That’s what you are really anxious and upset about; and that is what has threatened your way of life. But you can’t even begin to cope or deal with that.

Instead you’re railing against Black Lives Matter Marxist…that’s the real threat, so says Fox News! And everyone knows, they’re always right about everything!

Working with the Light!

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