This Faltering American Empire

What’s next? Let’s Build on Love and Light

Photo by Meghan Hessler on Unsplash

We are not Nazis!

We are not Nazis! Are we? Umair very strongly makes the case, that this is exactly what we are. He points out we have far more concentration camps over here, than Nazi Germany ever had. This is true. In them we are doing absolutely brutal and unspeakable things to human beings. And so while my first instinct was to firmly reject this characterization, if I’m honest, I’ll have to admit this is a fair analogy.

The American Empire is Ending

America was an ever expanding empire. It looks like America has come to the end of the road on that, and as such is facing a reckoning. All Empires are historically built on the slaughter of lots and lots and lots of people. Some people point to this to say, hey, America is just like any other empire. That’s true. But we have to embrace all of the truth of that. We can’t just pretend that horrible things never happened, here. That’s crazy making.; and there are plenty of people trying to do this right now. This just allows the continuation of senseless slaughter of innocent people just because.

Working with the Light!

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