This has not been achieved and you can put whatever label you want on it, it is all very important to having an optimally functioning society.

Honestly, I am sick of the utterly ridiculous arguments. I am sick of people saying, “feminism is abhorrent” and then I say, well no, feminism is about a, b,c and d all clearly very reasonable things, and then people coming back with, “oh well I don’t have a problem with any of that, that’s not feminism.”

It is an idiotic game that I have no intention of playing…all this disinformation, that I am supposed to want to argue against? No. I’m not wasting my time.

There are real problems, real, serious, deadly violent problems impacting men and women every single day. Problems like getting heads, lips, jaws busted wide open. Problems like catching a case and making your life a living hell because you busted someone’s head, lip, or jaw wide open. Problems with people exposing their kids to to much violence and turning them into psychopaths as a result. I know all about it.

All I care about are solutions and talking to the people who can identify and implement them. To my experience, these people often identify as feminists. Sometimes they don’t, but they still express views that are typically labeled as “feminist.”

These views are simply that women are people who have value and worth, ideas worth hearing and sharing and a worldview, which while, not necessarily masculine in nature, still no less relevant or worthy of respect.

These are not difficult concepts, and yet they are foreign concepts to large percentages of male populations which are involved in domestic violence and sexual assault.

The degree to which feminism plays a role in combating domestic violence and sexual assault, is not something that I am willing to debate with you or anyone really, because for me the argument is just too basic.

Feminism really is the idea that women are people, worthy of all of the basic respect and human dignity that should be, but often in reality is not, afforded to men. When you don’t believe that, you have a society that condones the abuse of women, which is to also condone the abuse of children. The much larger problem is that we have societies everywhere that condone the abuse of people, and then as that abuse makes it way into the social fabric, men and women want to jockey and lobby for the position of most abused.

You know, enough. We have to recognize that society is sick for most people, and the result has been the normalization of violence and especially sexual violence against the most vulnerable in society, which is quite honestly children. Do you have a problem with that concept as well? The idea that children are people, too? That they should not be used as punching bags or sexual objects? That they should in fact have some human rights, just as men do? Because basically that is all feminism is…that radical idea. And as for the children…well no one is really advocating for the kids at all, and this is disgraceful and the reason why we have the sick, sick world that we do.

Whenever anyone tries to make the concept more complicated than that or go down any number of rabbit holes about feminism being anti-male or anti-family, I’m not on board because I know it is just a distraction technique designed to take people away from the real issues, confronting the real problems and finding the real solutions.

Like I said, someone is getting their head caved in right now. What is this pontificating about what feminism is or is not doing to stop that? Not a damn thing. If you have solutions to real problems, I’m interested in having a conversation. If not, I’m not wasting my time.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!