This here…this line, makes me want to cry. The stampede…indeed, what is wrong with our world that there is this stampede of shares of this particular kind of story?

You handled the workplace harassment very well. I’ve been in positions of investigating and overseeing these kinds of investigations, its just unreal how badly most people believe when these sorts of allegations and complaints surface in the workplace. As you well know, most times management is no help. Worst case scenario, they take sides with the bully/harasser. Best case, they remain neutral and hire or seek out the appropriate resources to deal with the situation. Most people in your situation simply deal with the harassment and/or end up quitting.

This was an important story to share though, because workplace harassment that is sexual in nature is very real, very stressful, very economically damaging and very, very pervasive in rough economies. There are legal remedies, but money is necessary, usually, to pursue them; and fighting those battles is incredibly emotionally draining.

But in your story, it sounds like you found a way to cope, by taking the high road and not feeding into the drama. I am hoping that women reading this will feel inspired to rise above these situations in the manner that you did, and I am encouraged that these stories and this dialogue about these experiences will change things for the better.

Working with the Light!

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