This is a funny description, and it’s funny because I don’t see it that way. I think people are reacting rather nonchalantly to the news, especially considering how poorly handled the termination was. And that ridiculous letter. “You stated three times, I am not under investigation.” Then why bring it up, in a termination letter? Who does that? It’s comical really.

And then the press secretary hiding in bushes so as not to answer questions? I think people are laughing over how it’s just nonstop amateur hour at the White House. It’s funny. It really is. Of course Trump was gonna go after this Comey guy, the moment he didn’t back Trump up with the Obama wiretapping stuff, he was done.

Trump only wants lackeys who do exactly as ordered. Comey wasn’t that dude, so he had to go. Just the way the whole thing came about, it lends itself to outrageous stories that may or may not be true. If Trump would stop doing idiotic, stupid and outrageous things, the media wouldn’t have such rich material to cultivate. But he does and they do. So sit back and enjoy the show.

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