This is a pretty disgusting story. You sound like a crack, meth or hop dealer glorifying your experiences of getting people strung out and killing them…and honestly? You don’t seem particularly remorseful.

The picture of your victims is replete with contempt not compassion. A bunch of fat worthless old guys, lazing about on a couch all day, going back and forth between fits of induced rage and imaginary sexual satiation…like a Jabba Id. Alternatively, raging off and jacking off.

You sound like…well all those addicts are dying or dead…where is the next hustle? Breitbart? Oh no…they’re not giving me what I want…let me then run to the other side and deal to the libtards. And I guess it’s working, for now.

Here is the thing with these drugs the more people use them, the less effective they become in the long run. So y’all keep trying to run this same hustle, you keep amping it up, you run this con to the 1000 power…and it’s not working the same.

People are tired of that dumb, dumb, dumb shit.

People are waking up. And if they’re not they are digging their own addicted graves. And the dealers? Do you know what becomes of them? Dead or prison. Or worse things…

Karma is a mfer for dealers. I’ve seen it go down hard. Watch out for cancer.

Working with the Light!

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