This is a quotable! It’s going on the list! Americans are more stupid than evil And it’s true! I’m not sure why you think we need for presidents to be good liars. Trump is great at lying! But only a certain kind of lying. Politically correct lying? Yeah he’s horrible and Obama runs circles around him, Hillary too, but it sure as hell didn’t help her.. Telling whatever lie he needs to get money up out of a fool’s pocket and into his? He is a f*cking genius!!! Are you kidding me? Genius! Problem is, they are two totally unrelated kinds of lying, and to be a US president, you really need the former, but not the latter. If you tell enough of the latter lies, and get millions to believe them, you break reality. That’s what I think. The reason is because you got a lot of people believing ferociously in an entirely different kind of lying.

If American reality is going to be based on lies, (and it definitely is) is has to be all the same consistent kind of lies. You bring a whole new kind of lying into the reality, and then you have millions believing it- which fake reality is the real reality? Neither, they are both fake. But two very strong beliefs in two different realities? Reality breaks. It was breaking anyway, but DT took a baseball bat to the fake reality we once knew.

Sigh…when mass media was totally under the control of the state, minds were so much easier to control, and one consensual reality was easily manufactured ya know? These techsters and AI algs are totally altering reality. Matrixing it and such.

You know what we got now? I just thought of this…many fractured realities. Pieces and reflections of a once consensual reality. People are just not believing in the same reality anymore. There are so many rabbit holes. Mandela Effect…most people just don’t want to deal with it all. All I know is Smokey the Damn bear, okay? I won’t be gaslighted out that memory.

Working with the Light!

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