This is a real journalist, reporting on real things…and I guess a fragile “fantasy only please” mind can’t handle it.

But this is reality: There is a world outside of America. Stuff does happen there, and America is often super involved in a lot of it. Foreign Relations don’t cease to exist, with all of there various risks and consequences, because a whole lot of Americans really, really, really like Trump.

There is an international community, they have their various concerns like living in a place that is not hell on earth, because of botched American foreign policy…but I guess you can’t be bothered to even be confronted with this Sudanese reality. And I suspect you would run deep into la la land rather than to entertain the idea that if you keep engaging in extraordinarily irresponsible voting behavior, this could be your reality.

But…the world is so small and tired these days and your first world problems are ones that the Sudanese would die for. Meanwhile, you cavalierly toss light fluid on the rest of the world and naively believe you will not ever be burned.

Working with the Light!

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