This is a ridiculous question. All partisans want to get rid off people who are doing anything against their party, so of course Dems (who like Hillary, but a lot do not, FYI) want Comey gone, for getting in her way. But now that he is getting in Trump’s way, they largely want him to stay.

As should everyone. The man is obviously immune to the partisan politic game, in as much as he tells the truth, as he sees it. Trump is the biggest liar, the biggest con artist of all time, not really a Pub or a Dem, really just a Con, with something to hide. Coney was sniffing a long some lines Trump didn’t like (following the dirty money) that was gonna lead back to Trump, and Trump couldn’t have that.

Everyone should want to know what Trump is getting paid for pimping this country out, to the highest bidder. Comey wasn’t beholden to Dem or Pub, but the truth…and for anyone to malign him for that, well that’s real grimey.

I largely don’t care whether the guy stays or goes, but I am cracking up over the fall out.

Working with the Light!

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