This is actually a very personal question, for me. I’m concerned with male rape because I have personal experience with it. I’m not a man, so I’m sure this raises questions, but I’m unwilling to provide any more details than that.

My passion regarding preventing sexual assault and intimate violence largely stems from my personal experience and the damage that I know it does to children who are often the innocent victims of these various political and economic systems that does not value children and does not value life.

Now..we could sit up and endlessly debate the meaning of terms like feminism, anti-feminism, patriarchy, capitalism, socialism, democracy, republic..etc…but I refuse to go down all of those various intellectual rabbit holes that are designed and being distorted to confuse people and have us all running around like a bunch of crazies at the tower of babble. Not doing any of that, but I will say this: there is nothing very difficult to understand about me, who I am and where I stand.

Right is right. Wrong is wrong. No amount of propaganda is going to change that. No amount of playing around with different terminologies is going to change that.

It is wrong to have sex with children. It is wrong to physically abuse children. It is wrong to subject children to violence at an early age, especially when it occurs in their own homes and between their parents.

I do not care what sort of intellectual games you or whoever wants to play, whereby you some how distract and deflect from these real issues, throw out various labels and spin it, and say whatever you will about it. IT IS WRONG. It is extremely destructive to children and it is extremely destructive to humanity.

Now you may be wondering, does this have to do with feminism. The only people who I see, doing anything really truly productive, really truly attempting to stop the outrageous tide of violence against women and children are people who identify themselves as feminist and/or have those traits.

Therefore, I am a feminist, among other things. And when I say that I am a feminist, primarily what I am saying is that I am not someone who sits around and overlooks the extraordinary amount of violence directed at women in children in our American society and around the world — and/or simply does nothing and/or acts like it is inevitable or a a part of life, or some other such insanity.

It is a problem - a very extreme and severe human problem. It is unacceptable.

It is unacceptable that we are living in an extremely advanced technological society and instead of using all of these extraordinary resources at our disposal to really solve these problems we stick our heads in the sand and argue over idiotic labels like feminism or antifeminism or Republican and Democrat or liberal or conservative. ENOUGH.

These problems are real. The consequences are real. The fact that our society does very little to address this problem is real. To me, bringing violence into your own home and using against your significant other is like- excuse the expression- “shitting where you eat.” And I am sick of so many people consuming shitty food and feeding it to their kids.

The problem is largely systematic. And since one way to describe the systems that run the world is to describe them as being patriarchical, I suppose I take issue with patriarchy — but the label does not matter. I don’t give a damn what terms you use to describe the systems we have all created - they are corrupt, they do not value life, they do not value children, they do not value women, they do not value men, they do not value the earth.

And I take issue with all of that, what I really take issue with is the extraordinary amounts of violence directed at children, and the vast numbers of people who seek to, hide it, normalize it and/or act as if it is to be expected, or it is not a serious problem, because IT IS.

It is a problem that destroys women. It is a problem that destroys men. It is a problem that destroys people.

As for my personal experience, and how I ended up at this place and with such strong convictions, I did write a book about it. A memoir actually. The Way Through - Lessons Learned on Life, Love and the Journey. Again, feel free to put whatever label that you want on me and what I stand for, but it really is not that complicated.

Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. Beating and having sex with children is wrong; and when it comes to this, I stand with the feminist, because to my experience they are the only group of people who have ever seriously tried to do a damn thing about it. Go feminist, go feminism. Go anybody who gives a damn and stands up for what is right.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!