This is done for all the Presidents. How many cartoons of Obama have you seen with Dumbo ears? There have been at least two movies made with George Bush looking like a complete buffoon. Why now suddenly, all these calls for this good old American past-time to stop? Laughing about Trump is the least we can do.

People are protesting in the streets, and there is all sorts of activities organized around expressing dissatisfaction about him and his policies and laughing at him is the least of it.

This is not a typical President. This is a guy who issues a big mighty middle finger to well over half the population; and in response, because this is America, he gets those middle fingers thrown right back. No one should be shocked about this.

At the same time, he also issued a big mighty middle finger to almost all the people who put him in office, as he doesn’t give a hot damn about a single one of the things they cared about as his cabinet appointment clearly convey.

Building walls and breaking Obamacare and locking Hillary up. Those were his plans to make America great. The base lapped it up!

Hillary is chilling. There will be no wall, but actually probably far more h1 Visas issued so that Trumps new multi billionaire friends, can get even richer, while the heroine epidemic swallows his base whole. Touching Obamacare is waaaaaaaaay more complicated than it seems, given it should be called Big Pharmacare…Trump was never gonna take on those trillionaires on behalf of the average Joe.

Soooo rich assholes who could care less about America, are now being replaced by even richer assholes who could care less about America. Drain the swamp my ass. Make the entire USA a swamp, that is what is going down.

Everyone suffers badly, there is just no getting around it, so the least we can do is laugh, to keep from crying.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!