This is good! Really a lot valid points raised, touché. I was intentionally trying to irritate here by using a lot of slanted propaganda, just like you do. Except mine was far more excessive and aggressive than your typical soft white supremacists nonsense. How does it feel to be subjected to that? Not great, right? So why don’t you stop throwing this kind of crap out there to the Ethernet. Why don’t you refrain from commenting on any sort of altercation unless you have all of the facts.

But, I don’t think that you think your posts are propaganda at all. No…you are a real person who actually believes this stuff you spout to be true. You really believe that you can look at a video, some images and sound bites, and make a very valid determination of exactly who is at fault and why and what should be done as a result. You really do think that “Islam” which is different from “Muslim” is a culture that has nothing of value to offer for the past 800 years. Wow.

If this viral video is the one which I believe it is, I think it was later revealed that this girl’s mother had died the day before and that was, at least in part, the reason for the girl’s outrageous behavior.

As for me not knowing my history? Oh please. Now, I don’t know much history, as I find a lot of it quite boring, but my African-American history, in that? I am extremely well-versed.

And yes I am well aware that Africans assisted in the Atlantic slave trade, I don’t know why white people love to bring that up, but they do. Anyway, duly noted, and no surprises for me there.

I am also well aware that those same Africans had no idea that these people were packed onto a ship like cargo to rot and die in their own filth, for the duration of the trip, to arrive in a new land where they were subjected to an inhumanity that the Africans could not even begin to conceive of. And when they in fact learned about it, they were outraged and many refused to continue to participate. Many, however still continued to do so. And? There are greedy, evil, sociopaths everywhere- and their antics are often the cause of much suffering in the world.

Also, I am also well aware of indentured servitude — and how that worked for the poor Western Europeans trying to catch a break. That labor, however was incidental, compared to the back-breaking slave labor which ran all those southern plantations growing sugar, cotton, and tobacco, among other things and single handed lay developed the US Sourhern economy. Which is why ever since the civil war, the Southern Economy never recovered and lags behind the rest of the nation to this day. It ran on slave labor, and once that ended, it was a wrap for the South. Believe me, the South is still quite bitter about it, to this day. The Southern whites want the slaves back, and they do get them back via the prison industrial complex — clearly supported by the 13th amendment, which simultaneously frees all slaves, but provides a loophole to snatch them back — crime. Commit a crime, and you are a slave again. Isn’t that quite convenient? Provides quite an incentive to criminalize being black doesn’t it? Easy way to get your slave labor back. And that was exactly what happened.

And when you say Western Europeans have nothing to be ashamed of with regard to slavery…well even they would tend to disagree. George Mason, who was they guy who really wrote the Declaration of Independence, (Thomas Jefferson merely copied it from him) was kicked out of the Founding Fathers club, because he refused to go along with slavery. (Even though he owned a huge plantation with quite a few slaves). He took the moral high ground and called for an abandonment of it. The others refused to go along, but clearly they knew how wrong it was to on the one hand write about all men being created equal while enslaving other men, women and children.

But even worse than that, far despicable than that, is enslaving your own lovers and children and denying them rights and personhood even when they looked just like you, like Thomas Jefferson’s black slave son butler did. Who does that? Who takes a mistress with his wife’s slave(who was also incidentally his wife’s half-sister), has five children by said mistress and keeps them all enslaved? Thomas Jefferson, apparently.

You say, as all people who seek to dismiss such an atrocities, slavery is just typical human behavior. That gets excuses, but the little girl acting out in class is reprehensible. Ummmmm do you begin to see the hypocrisy?

Entitled. Do I think I am entitled to anything? No more so than anyone else. Nobody on the damn planet plays fair, and if Western Europeans were “entitled” to their slaves, as you seem to suggest, then many years and many generations later, when a young African-Americans subjected to generations upon generations of abuse from said slavery, flip out in a classroom, yeah. I guess she too is entitled to do so and I am inclined and entitled to withhold judgment about it and/or defend her from a Russian who knows nothing about her individual experiences and has adopted a very European slave master mentality about how the girl needs to be dealt with, despite the fact that she knows nothing about her experiences.

You cant have it both ways Svetlana. You can’t say enslaving entire groups of people, brutally for centuries is just the way it is, but acting out in a classroom or a Russian cathedral, and especially if you happen to be female, is totally unacceptable human behavior. Are you freaking kidding me?

The exceptions you make for some bad human behavior (slavery, and all its ills) and the Nazi like intolerance you have for the other (young girls acting out in public spaces) is perplexing. Care to explain it? I’m guessing no.

But hey…at least you know how to avoid those raining tractor- trailers.


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