This is hysterical! But kind of to my point exactly. There is just so much insanity on social media and in the “news” right now. But at the end of the day, people probably agree on most of the central issues, and get distracted by the misinformation.

The breakdown of the family, yes, it’s a problem. I agree. I am definitely a staunch advocate of not only the nuclear family but also the extended one. It’s important, critical to the survival of the species.

I’m not sure why feminism is the fall guy for the breakdown of the family, but I hear this a lot, in the anti-feminist rhetoric.

To be honest I’m not deep into feminism as explored in the academy or how it Intersects with Marxism, and all that. I think if I were to entertain all of that, I might end up distancing myself from feminism, as well. But that’s not what feminism means to me.

For me it does mean advocating for certain basic rights under the law, to be applied equally. Simple stuff that most women take for granted: the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to open a bank account, the right to pursue an education. That’s feminism too, albeit a very pedestrian brand apparently.

I am aware, however, that there is some extreme ideology around feminism. But to say it’s responsible for the breakdown of the family-I think is conflating as you would say.

There is so much contributing to that, and people are making feminism the scapegoat, and I’m not sure why. Even less sure that it matters.

The breakdown of the family and by extension communities, is extremely distressing to everyone. But there are a lot of factors. Diversity and multiculturalism are a factor for sure. Families congeal around certain cultural norms, and over the course of my own life, I have seen multiculturalism throw a jack knife into all of that. Drastic changes in the economy as well. Drugs and addiction more so than anything, devastates families and communities, and that’s been a problem for a while. That’s what prohibition was all about.

I can appreciate that labeling your own views as “conservative” allows you to view all of these issues through a certain lens, that makes sense to you, but we are all trying to make sense of chaos, and depending on whatever our life experiences are, different lenses are more or less appealing. People who are liberal, or progressive are doing the same thing. And more often than not, if you would just talk to them you would find common ground or at the very least understand why they view things through a chosen lens.

Well, I’m glad after many iterations of “fuck you” “no fuck you!” We did find this common ground. There is hope for our very multicultural, many faceted, all over the political spectrum America!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!