This is hysterical! I read this line on Medium where a black author wrote: “she was throwing out this Karen energy.”

So I asked “WTF is Karen energy?” He gave me a line or two…enough to get the gist. But this right here? OMG! Nailed it! I understand the “Karen energy.”

Just wow! The Karens! I have known a Karen or two, but largely they do not fuck with me cause…they know I don’t play. Semantic jousts? That’s my ish!!!!! I can jui-jitsu a Karen back into a Karen corner pretty quickly…All embarrassed and red faced. They do not step to me.

But I just had a “Karen” (opposing counsel) try to go there with my client. Embarrassing her over her inability to understand certain nuances of the legal process. I was like, “not today Karen, just try me.”

Well she did…try me. She was constantly whining and crying about me talking too much…I didn’t even finish my opening statement mind you.

She stopped it, when she saw her clients were being ripped new ones, and she had no defense of any of it, because she hadn’t bothered to prepare. She’s blonde.

She whined that mediation not being “fair” cause it wasn’t going exactly the way she wanted. She thought an inarticulate black employee would be showing up without any representation or poor representation (which they allow within the federal system) but when she had to go up against a real lawyer, prepared and on point, because Karen was totally unprepared, she resorted to whining and crying throughout the rest of the mediation.

She whined about how she had just got the case that morning, only took it as a favor and was expecting to hammer her way right on through with no kind of resistance because she’s blonde.

She didn’t say the last part but we both know it’s true.

Well she learned that day. One of the things that I truly enjoy about my profession is being able to out Karen, a Karen, and schooling the Bifs.

They do have just enough privilege and education to lord it over those who don’t have it, but when they come up against someone like me, (I got their education and actually paid attention instead of lying and cheating my way through), they get their asses handed to them.

It’s fun to see the looks on their faces when they realize that same, “I’m so blonde, or I’m so frat boy Bif!” shit ain’t gonna work.

The sad thing is…even when it shouldn’t, it mostly does.

Working with the Light!

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