This is hysterical. A dead frog? But this is the problem. We shouldn’t have to choose our president under this much duress…we won’t make a good choice thus way.

The problem is (and I KNEW this was going to happen after Obama), no one competent wants the job. Too many problems that cannot be fixed. Only exploitive people who can liquidate America for what it’s worth want to be bothered, and so for Trump this is the perfect gig…free money and endless ego stroking!

As for Biden, I don’t think he wants the job! Biden is pushing 80…I feel bad that the Dems drafted him for this, on that alone. Despite his numerous flaws (in my view) he has served. He deserves to rest now. Like really? I’m not even confident that he can physically make it to 2020…and I would say the same for Trump, except Trump will live just out of spite.

Nevertheless, neither one of them seem physically or mentally fit for what has to be one of the most demanding jobs on earth.

Working with the Light!

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