This is hysterical! But it’s not, it’s really sad. And I have no doubt that you’re absolutely right. I once said to an affluent Morrocan immigrant, a young woman who was sent to America- alone, without even speaking English- as a sort of status symbol for her father, “Does your father have any idea how violent America is?”

It’s just not the sort of place you would send a young person who doesn’t even speak the language to fend for themselves. But she got through that. A lot of immigrants do. She’s doing very well over here, as far as I know. But she really opened my eyes to how little control Some women in the Middle East have over their lives. She didn’t want to be here. She was sent half way across the world, away from everyone she loved, because her dad needed to brag about his kid getting an American education.

It’s so violent over here, it’s just such the water we swim in, that we fail to really consider how we impact one another with our own American violence. I rarely think about violence being an American phenomenon, even though all the violence I have experienced has been at the hands of other Americans.

That whole Eckhart Tolle, power of now …I don’t entirely get it! Sometimes I catch glimpses of it. And it’s like “Hey! Im happy right now! In this moment!” For me, though those moments are fleeting.

I love what you said about the “me” though. You are deep John Hopkins. You have that inner knowing, that gets people through the worst of times. I think you are so right about taking the insanity day by day, at least I hope you are! It is very reassuring to hear. I’m going to be thinking about this all day. It’s pretty insightful.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!