This is just largely untrue. But if you want to argue the truth of this, let’s start with history. Tell me for how long, in western culture, have women had the right to own property? How long have women had the right to vote? What was that suffragette movement like? Was it without blood, sweat and tears? Who were the women, what were their names, who led this movement? How many times were they imprisoned ( for daring to attempt to vote). What happened to them in prison. How long have women been able to attend college? Open bank accounts? Obtain access to birth control?

Can you answer any of these questions? Probably not. At any rate, all of these his largely occurred within the last half of the 21st century. Now compare that to men in western culture having all those same rights for the last 1000 years. Lets compare 50 years versus 1000 years, can anyone really argue that an inequality that has existed for 1000 years, can be cleared up in just 50? Sure they could, but it would be an utterly ridiculous argument.

I largely don’t care what people believe, but what seriously irks me is when people offer up vague and largely untrue statements in an attempt to prove a point as if they have any kind of authority with regard to the subject matter.

So you think everything between men and women is equal. Okay fine. But you have very few facts and very little information to back up anything that you have said; and what you have attempted to provide sounds like its coming from a YouTube video, prepared by one of those organizations that does nothing but spread misinformation and propaganda. I hate misinformation and propaganda, so I’m calling you on it.

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