This is just not true. See my very detailed response about the Lincoln/Douglas debates. A very highly respected American form of debating, and how Svetlana Voreskova certainly does not ascribe to this format.

She definitely uses the Eastern European disinformation format of- well not debating — but spreading misinformation. Point out Svetlana’s facts for me. And then name her references and sources, which you also claim that she uses. Where are the long list of books, articles, people etc where she retrieved her information, which is a HUGE thing in academia. In the academy, (which Svetlana claims to be a part of) you really can’t say a damn thing without presenting a lot of references.

To her credit, Svetlana had done this, one time, in all the “debates” I’ve engaged her in. She claims that she has researched the issues extensively, and probably she has. That doesn’t mean she isn’t slanting it, warping it, or taking it out of context. I have seen her do this, repeatedly.

But she spouts an endless amount of “facts” you say. I would like to point out, just because someone says something that sounds factual doesn’t make it a “fact” and due to the Information Age most “facts” are up for debate. Which is to say you can find facts, and get this “alternative facts.” At this point, largely due to the Trump administration, “facts” are meaningless.

To flood our information systems with endless conflicting facts and also lies is an extraordinarily dangerous thing to do. It is destabilizing our systems of governance. It is war by another method, an easier method.

You don’t have to fight against a nation and it’s people, if you can simply turn the people against themselves. That’s what happening and no doubt Trump is a big part of this phenomenon. It’s his management style. It’s a very well known one through out the corporate world. Keep people pitted against each other, the CEO wins in the short run, everyone and the company loses in the long run.

And so with Trump, he is winning for sure, in the short run, which is all he has left anyway. But, the nation is definitely losing in the long run, odd that this is amusing to you.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!