This is not exactly true. But to the extent that it is, you sure can throw salt into raw wounds. And I have to admit, your America bashing never bothered me much, but your American bashing (of me! Lately you’ve been coming hard at me!) really does bother me. A lot.

And at first I was angry…and I wanted to strike back and defend myself (and I did — and that got a lot of claps, more than I would have imagined.)

But then soul searching. A sick, sick feeling. Could he be right? Am I part of this American problem?

Maybe you’re right Umair, in a sense, collectively we all are, all of us Americans. It was the Europeans who commented on my posts saying things along the lines of:

Really? Do you really think that you really absolve yourself of America’s sins?

Does our society collectively have an insane death wish?

My final answer is: it’s complicated.

Working with the Light!

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