This is one of Bannon’s faves. But you forgot, stewing sick kids of color, (with carrots and potatoes of course) eating them for lunch (a hearty meal) and calling that Trumpcare. (He only eats brown meat, you see and it’s such a practical form of Euthanasia for those too poor to live.)

Oh wait, that’s not Bannon. That’s the Freedom Caucus and their billionaire backers. They plan on serving brown kid stew in the Capital cafeteria every Thursday. It’s quite the delicacy, though, technically, it’s illegal.

Not to worry, Trumpcare is going to work that all out, just a few more adjustments to that legislation, and everyone can eat poor brown kids. Freedom caucus won’t sign off on it until, they get their stew approved. It will be a thing! Like Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal. (I mean who didn’t think that wasn’t a great idea?)

And Bannon’s totally on board, mainly because of you! After your last post, he grew self-conscious. He was asking all his underlings:

“Is my festering face really all that noticeable? And how did Ishac find out about the venom? It was a well kept secret…well this just proves that Obama had my wires tapped, too!”

He was whining and crying so, he got a tip (from a Freedom Caucuser suffering from festering face too) that fresh kid blood is an excellent tonic for the affiliction.

The Caucuser gets his blood from the kids slaughtered for stew. He offered Bannon some, with slight apologies explaining that babies blood is actually the best, (dilutes the venom powerfully you see). Upon hearing this, that dirty brown kid blood wasn’t good enough for Bannon. He had to get some pure baby blood immediately.

Here’s the scary thing…I don’t think he’s going to wait for Trumpcare to pass. I heard he sent a flunkie to a neonatal unit. Never mind that those babies could get healthy (with decent healthcare) also many are white. Consuming white babies is supposed to be against the rules. But Bannon’s gotta have that fresh baby blood! The festering face has gotten worse since you last mentioned it. Besides those preemies probably weren’t going to survive anyway…not once Trumpcare is on the books.

Security! We are going to need some extra security for the preemies.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!