This is ridiculous. I mean it’s just ridiculous to blame this on Obama!

Most wealth disappeared when the IT and housing bubbles burst. These both happened before Obama took office. Talk to any economist and they will tell you wages in America haven’t risen since 1970. 1970!!!!!!!

Then you had the saving and loan Crisis under Bush Sr. Next you had the housing crisis, facilitated by Clinton and exploded under Bush Jr. in 2008.

To Blame Obama for America’s sputtering economy that has been dying, since the 70s is just to fundamentally misunderstand what the problems are.

Yes the Middle class flourished in America from 1950 to 1970, but it has been dying ever since. Slowly, but still dying. So yeah, some 40 years later, it’s on it’s deathbed. Obama couldn’t save it. He could only stall it, and he tried. Trump is not even doing that.


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