This is so bizarre…it reads like sci-fi and it’s not! It is real! John Hopkins remember when I said at Google and Facebook you are the product? Well this article creepily explains just how that works. People are acting like they have lost their minds, because they actually have! People are being controlled by AI! This article breaks it down, how this is happening.

Now I am paranoid…how do I even know that you’re real and not a bot? I don’t! I hope you’re real, if AI can create conversation as sophisticated and intelligent as yours, it’s a wrap. Humans are done.

Now more than ever, I want off the grid! It is too creepy, how many of these mind altering corporations want to change the way we think About politics, and god knows what else. And they are doing it artificially!

It’s as if they are literally inserting little probes and electronic jolts directly into our brains. This article is so bizarre. These days are super strange!

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