This is so true, but also incredibly depressing. And it also seems an insurmountable force, that simply cannot be reckoned with.

Slow destruction of all life on the planet seems to be the end game of our highly unstable, incredible corrupt world governments, all run by various corporations and/or oligarchs.

When we set our sights on something else, like an elevation in human consciousness, I wonder is this a real objective, or is this too total fantasy (similar to Qanons belief in a “good military” that wants to save us all.) These thoughts (or fantasies) are all apart of the same set of desires. We know there’s corruption, we want to do something about it, and we are working on it at the thought level.

I don’t count Qanon out. I don’t necessarily believe, what they believe, but the energy they put into shining a light on corruption? Well, that’s a good use of their energy.

Working with the Light!

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