This is so very true…and a tremendous amount of great, smart, resourceful, intelligent amazing people are…and you begin to wonder if it’s not by design.

One of the most heartbreaking things I have ever done in life is attend a pow-wow inside a federal prison.

It is heartbreaking because I have met so many great, smart, intelligent, resourceful Native Americans in prison…Simply because they are native American. No other reason.

The first time I went to this pow wow, (as a visitor and speaker) when I heard the inmates tell their stories of how and why they ended up in prison I cried until my Internal organs shook violently.

These prisons are deeply bizarre places in of itself…not really fit for human existence. The sight of this particular prison is so strange my eyes almost could not adjust to what it was, because I’d never seen anything like it. Strange v and x shaped buildings with slit windows.

Very twilight zone. And of course no pictures are allowed. And you can’t bring in any identification. You enter at your own risk. You may not come back out. It’s a very black hole, you are totally at the mercy of dubious powers that be, sort of experience.

The pow wow is held in the area of worship which largely has a different energy than the rest of the prison. And…the rest of the prison? It feels like pure evil…as close to hell as I ever want to come. There is a darkness…I can’t even put it into words.

The film hereditary? Dark like that. And it’s not the people that are dark (not all of them anyway) but the energy of the place. It’s like the air you breathe inside is infected with microscopic, invisible demons. It takes an incredibly strong person not to give into that. But amazingly the people I have met have not. These people are absolutely amazing to be able to survive under the insanely oppressive conditions they get subjected to inside these systems. Most of us have no idea of the inhumanity that occurs inside of these systems, because it is so deeply hidden; and we’re not permitted to see.

It’s just another American-made atrocity (to add to the many.)

Working with the Light!

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