This is true. Some people think that the people who do this actually are agents, or something nonhuman because they will literally co-sign just any and everything, no matter how diabolical or inhumane. Like the picture above.

What a picture. How do you look at that and find justifications for the cop behavior? As you well know, millions will. They will explain to you, why the cop has the right to straddle the woman, in a rapey position…and what the hell…even to rape her…if he feels so entitled (and he most likely does).

And, this picture is a micro version of a lot of the macro stuff you describe. The wars waged by nations. The wars on civilians. It’s all that picture.

If the person isn’t an empty agent programmed to co-sign whatever, (no matter how extremely immoral), then they are afraid to speak out against the injustice. Most people are terrified to speak truth to power. So, they either say nothing, or find ways to co-sign the abuse of power. It is fear that causes them to do this. Fear is the mind virus you speak of.

When people stop being afraid on a massive scale, power loses it’s hold on the minds of the people. This is what we are witnessing everywhere now. People are leaving the illusion. People are refusing to give into fear.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!