This is wrong. I don’t care what your political, religious or sexual beliefs are, wrong is wrong and to try to minimize and justify Trumps bragging about sexual assault is just wrong. It’s also wrong to the extent that the Clinton’s have been involved in this; and yes I believe they have and no I have never offered any kinds of excuses or justifications for this behavior, even though I primarily vote democratic. Wrong is wrong is wrong — and something’s are terribly wrong. Offering excuses and justifications for that which is terribly wrong is disgraceful whether you do it for a democrat or a republican. I can applaud all of the Republicans who distanced themselves from Trump, because at the very least they have enough of a conscience to express disgust over what they know to be blatantly wrong. To say everyone does this is to insult good and decent people everywhere. No everyone does not do this. Only sick and damaged people behave in this way — and to suggest otherwise is to suggest that everyone is sick and damaged in this way. No we are not.

Working with the Light!

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