This isn’t an analysis of any given Trump supporter, it’s a satirical piece, imitating (what I guess) is a typical Trump supporter. The only other option is that this is an actual Trump supporter, attempting to be persuasive; and that I believe, is highly unlikely, for the reasons provided below.

Ironically, the mocked supporter speaks in a fashion very similar to Trump’s own speaking style. It’s less coherent, than Trump, however. Most of the sentences are improperly structured and do not convey any real meaning.

I find this piece fascinating because, I taught composition for years. I’ve read pages and pages of bad writing but none so poorly written as this! It’s as if Glenn Rockowitz said let me break every rule of punctuation and sentence constructionand still produce something that can be vaguely comprehended. Bravo! No simple feat. This is sooooooo bad, it’s good!

Working with the Light!

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