This isn’t exactly true, everything is not decrepit over here…but you’re right. The political right was quickly brainwashed out of supporting the idea of sharing anything, so they’ve been ripping up a wonderful social net put in place by FDR, (during the Great Depression) ever since.

The left pretends to protest…but the more you look into it, the more you see it was all a game, all along. They protest nothing.

So now we see our country for what it is, a plutocracy run by deeply corrupt plutocrats and oligarchs all around the world. America is a magnet for international corruption; and America has some deep spiritual problems. Beginning with slavery and the genocide of all the natives. The foundation is built in the demonic…and it’s all coming to light now.

But the evil you speak of so frequently, is not what is in the minds or the hearts of every American. Most of us are pretty decent people working really hard to see our way through this clusterfuck. We don’t need you reporting daily that it’s a wrap for us. People do live here…normal, everyday people, just like the ones in Europe.

Working with the Light!

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