This isn’t true. The majority of us do, in some way shape or form all the time. But we get outmaneuvered, by nefarious forces constantly…and this shit is not just America, all that you described above happens globally, because America’s economic system has been rolled out globally…every major and minor country wanted to be down with American style capitalism…and they all have taken on certain parts of it.

I get your issues with America, but America doesn’t = all Americans. There are Americans (African-Americans such as myself) who are well aware of the fact that they have been NOTHING but exploited the whole time we’ve been here. African-American women (whom I sure you interact very little with, and know very little about (because of the American Koolaid YOU DRANK) have carried this nation ON THEIR BACKS for centuries.

As for African-Americans, this nation was literally built on our blood and bones; and we are well aware, and have done so many things to try and change this…marched in the streets, gotten lynched, gotten our homes burned down, gotten laws passed, gotten educated, run for President even…you can’t insult entire groups of people with this Anti-American hyperbole.

Then there are the native Americans…they just love the land…they have been here for thousands of years (and say no matter what America throws at them, they ain’t going no where-and I believe them…they’re playing the long game), but America (the power structure not the people) has criminalized them and killed them off JUST BECAUSE they love the land….all the natives have ever said was, don’t destroy the land, we love it. They are American too, and they had nothing to do with any of this shit that America is running now. Nothing.

Most Americans don’t. American politicians trick us and distract us with their personalities…and quite a few of them are decent people-BUT TRUST- they all get corrupted pretty quickly. They all get told they will run the game the 1% wants, and if they don’t their careers will be over. Some refuse to pay the game…they don’t stick around for long though. They are Americans though, trying desperately to do the right thing. America hates those people and loves the sell outs, but the sell outs are the exception and not the rule.

Most Americans are pretty decent people, even the white ones. Not all that self-aware. I’ll give you that, but decent when you get to know them…even the ones with guns at Starbucks which, I’ve never seen…but yeah, it probably happens in New York City or Dallas.

When you talk about the top 1% of America…you have your valid points, and by all means make them. But you need to stop reporting that every single American co-signs all the shit they do.

Every single American is not a sociopath or an idiot. Although, there are a tremendous amount of ignorant Americans…But what do you expect? The media systems are rife with brainwashing and propaganda, when that wasn’t working well enough the brainwashing moved into the education systems. And you know who fought hard against that? Everyday Americans, teaching the liberal arts at community colleges.

They fought HARD against corporate dumbed-down-brainwashed curriculums…I was there. I saw the whole thing do down…And I also knew the average American would not win…because money…Big corporate money, said to the state of VA…This is how and what we want you to teach at your community colleges. Don’t teach them to think…we don’t want that…Teach them how to follow our instructions, and look, and talk and dress how we want them to…And nonstop tell them how wonderful WE ARE (the corporations) for coming into their schools and teaching them what they really need to know. If they prove themselves good enough, we will give them jobs. (Not well paying jobs, mind you, but jobs nonetheless.)

Oh and also…Stop spending all those resources trying to uplift marginalized black and brown kids…screw them…they useless to us educated…they’re already hip to the reality of our systems. We’d rather use them as slaves in our industrial prison complex, pawns in the military industrial complex, so lock them out of the educational systems.

All the liberal Art teachers (the critical thinkers who saw through this) fought so hard against all of this, cause they knew this wasn’t right. And they knew all the good in the world they were doing by correctly educated even the least privileged among us.

They fought so hard…and lost. It is hard for the average American to grasp what’s really going on in this country. And even if they do, (like those community college teachers), even harder to change any of it. Still we try.

We are not all psychopaths. It’s just not true; and it’s insulting to millions of Americans just trying to get by the best we can.

See my full response to Umair here!

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