This just happened to me! I got banned! And for ridiculous reasons! I accused the Pubs of loving Dave Chapelle and I accused Chapelle If of slowly crawling up Trump’s ass, which he is.

I said a lot of other things to, things that were actually way more offensive than what I said about the Pubs- for example I repressed Dave’s own myssogynistic rantings…but that didn’t get flagged as offensive! Gee wonder why? It’s fine to repeat Chapelle calling women all kinds of bitches that’s okay…but do not talk about the Pubs or Trump!

To which I respond




Do you know what Twitter did? They tried to force me to take the Pub tweet down!

When I refused and appealed instead, they blocked access to my account claiming I had to wait for the appeal process before I could access my account again. However, I could have immediate access if I took the tweet down.


First of all it’s Twitter, if they want to take the tweet down they’ll take it down! They already have! Lying ducks pretending like I have a choice in this!!!! They don’t NEED my permission so what is this idiotic game we’re playing where thy are all like: “please take it down and place nice.” Twitter is trying to gas light mindfuck political shame me into saying whatever the hell it is they want me to say. I ain’t having it! I did nothing wrong.

Plus Twitter promotes crazy, violent white supremacists all day everyday, gleefully it seems! And yet I can’t say, the Pubs love Dave Chapelle’s selling out as he crawls up Trump’s ass? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

Me telling Dave Chapelle he is a sell out negro eager to crawl up Trump’s ass is not “hateful conduct.” It certainly isn’t “threatening conduct.” First off, Twitter learn some vocabulary, this isn’t even “conduct” it’s “language” and it’s political language which is PROTECTED SPEECH under the 1st Amendment.

I am free to criticize public figures and especially if they are making jokes about little kids getting molested. Dave Chapelle now turns my stomach. I once considered him a brilliant comedian, now I find him to be a disgrace.

Can’t say it on Twitter evidently, or if I do I can’t mention the Pubs or Trump.


Caitlin Johnstone please, please, please use your platform to call attention to this ridiculously heavy handed form of political censorship! They are making it like China over in this mfer!

David Chapelle is laughing about kids being molested and poor white People dying from heroine overdoses- and yet I’m the one who gets silenced for calling him a sell out? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!

Working with the Light!

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