This just isn’t true, and even someone who know relatively little about advances and innovations outside of this recent American time line that I live in, I know that the Middle Easterners pulled Europe out of the dark ages -that’s a basic fact of World History.

And I have no dog in this fight. I don’t ascribe to any particular religious belief system, and I realize this is for the best as clearly these systems are used by very corrupt people to do very corrupt things, such as pit different tribes and nations against one another endlessly.

And yet, truth is truth and here is the truth: at one point and time amazing smart people from all of the cultures and religions create amazing and innovative things.

It is always the stupid, greedy, hateful people from all of the cultures, who want to wage wars, pillage, rape and do horrible things to rise to power, because they can’t get there by being smart, cooperative or innovative. They trick the rest of the people for falling for this divide and conquer bullshit…and it works every time.

You are a pawn if you choose to follow this divisive ideology that is rooted in your own ignorance.

So here is the new thing: stop being a pawn, wake the hell up, to the new reality. A lot of us are doing just that. We are waking up and moving on from a paradigm that really serves no purpose. It is old. It is tired. It has been done countless times and always the same sad results.

Millions if not billions of fellow human beings are recognizing this same old tired game and refusing to play along with the fear, the war, the hate, the death. We don’t want it or need it. Maybe you do. Have at it. It is all there for you if, if that’s is really what you want. I personally want something entirely different.


Working with the Light!

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