This makes no sense! She is not in power! Caitlin just had to respond to what was probably a rerun? Old news? Fake news? Both? Why? Do you even understand how crazy this sounds? There are all kinds of possibilities hinge happening NOW, healthcare, budgets being stripped bare, Congressmen and ambassadors beating people, while the Pubs are slowing turning the US into a third world country! And YOU wanna trip on Bill Mahr??!?!?!?

That’s crazy! Because what he thinks is largely irrelevant to anyone who isn’t watching him, and anyone who is aint leaving that cult. Yes people love Hillary. They will continue to do that, just like people who are nuts for Trump will do the same.

But if I come across a unibomber type manifesto declaring Hillary is the root of all evil, then hell yeah! I’m going to call bullshit!

That’s my right!

And furthermore more I don’t care where the fanatical writer got their inspiration! And it doesn’t matter! She could have been watching Bugs Bunny, for all I care! If you make bold, crazy proclamations, you will be challenged, and she was.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!