This Mystical Magical Space of Abundance

Let’s Co-create This Space Together!

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity Day 4 — Create a Mystical, Magical Space of Unlimited Abundance!

This daily activity has been prepared for Day 4 of the Abundance Challenge (Click here for full instructions to the challenge.)

Mantra — Abram Brahmasmi — My infinite core is the only reality there is.

I invite unlimited abundance into my life

Consider a world of unlimited abundance. Where you could have whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. It has to start somewhere!

The mantra, my infinite core is the only reality there is, reminds us that there is an unlimited, internal source inside of us, and the task is to connect with that. So let’s do that. Let’s first visualize this this infinite source, as the real power behind our lives. Let’s abandon the idea that abundance comes from a place outside of ourselves. Abundance does not come from any job. Abundance doesn’t come from money. Abundance doesn’t come from having the right name, the right connections, the right address or the right status symbols. 3D programs and paradigms have convinced most of us that this is true, but it is not. Let’s go within, and take a very important step manifesting the unlimited abundance that we desire.

The Abundant Life

Consider people you know who have a tremendous amount of abundance in their lives, that they have shared with you. And remember, the abundance doesn’t have to be some physical, material thing, necessarily. Think of my memories of Marti and the abundance she shared a beautiful and abundant spirit and her beautiful abundant home and social life that she shared with hundreds of beautiful people.

Now… I want you to imagine a mystical, magical abundant space of your own. Fill it with whatever you like, remember the abundance of this space is unlimited. Maybe you want to fill it with unlimited beauty, like my ACIM teacher Marti. Maybe you want to fill it with unlimited love and kindness, like my mindfulness mediation group. Maybe you want to fill it with incredible and limitless nature…beautiful trees, the incredibly abundance river bank, or ocean shore, whatever you want! The point is, you are to imagine a place with no limits that fills you with bliss, excitement and joy. This should be a place that satisfies your wildest dreams!

Imagine a genie (your personal abundance genie) comes to you and says: I will instantly manifest whatever it is that you want! There are no catches, and there are no limits! Whatever you want! What would this magical, mystical place look like for you? .

For me, my mystical, magical abundant space is a beach house! A multi-level, multi-million-dollar ocean front beach house! I just love being on the beach. I just love it! And waking up to that kind of abundance, every single day? What could be better than that? To me? Nothing.

I have a pool at my beach house. And a hot tub, and an expansive deck, with several levels, for entertaining, overseeing a gorgeous ocean front! Can you imagine it with me? I can see it and feel it! This is my idea of abundance…whenever I think of extreme and luxurious abundance, I think of this beach house!

What is your mystical, magical abundant space? It doesn’t have to even be a house. It could be a simple log cabin, or a house on a prairie. Or a lovely, or a deserted tropical island, or a shack by a pond. Or just a beautiful field. Whatever represents unlimited abundance to you. Create that space. Imagine having whatever you need to be comfortable in this space. To make it more real, you can even write about it or draw it. If you are really lucky, it is a place that already exists for you, then just go the and enjoy it! This is you inviting unlimited abundance into your life!

This is your foundation for your manifestations of abundance. When you want to bring more abundance in your life, be sure to come here, and luxuriate in this abundance you have co- created! Know that this abundance is real. Attune your mind to all of this; and watch as the universe eagerly brings all sorts of abundance directly to you!

Love and Light and Inner Peace to You All!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Working with the Light!

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