This really rubs me the wrong way. First of all fact v. Fiction, is not as clear cut as you make it out to be. A Conspiracy Theorists is not someone who mistakes fact for fiction. A conspiracy theorists (some of them anyway)takes certain facts, questions them (fire cannot melt aluminum like that, what could do that?) And will propose an answer to the question that contradicts the provided explanation: it wasn’t fire that did that, it had to be some kind of energy weapon.

Now from this point forward, I’ll admit imagination can take over, the theories can go off the rails. The paranoia and the distrust, of the initial misinformation (fire melting aluminum) can cause this.

But, it is not “crazy” to ask that initial question. It IS CRAZY-MAKING, though, to try and gaslight the fuck out of someone, and be like, “Yeah…aluminum can liquify in fires. Why you always have these conspiracies theories? Why can’t you just accept what Fox News told you?”

Yeah that. Trying to force people to believe crazy shit that they know isn’t true, because YOU are too afraid to ask questions, is CRAZY MAKING.

We live in a society, especially here in America, where people are terrified of questioning whatever particular soundbites that resonate with them. Just terrified. If this isn’t brainwashing of the highest order, I don’t know what is.

Conspiracy Theories are, I believe, a response to this brainwashing. We should question all the ridiculous garbage that mass media throws at us incessantly, never stop questioning all that bullshit. Conspiracy Theorists at least DO THAT. They are not crazy FOR DOING THAT.

Do they go too far, when they answer their own questions? Yes probably. We don’t have the answers. No one does. It’s like what happens when we die, everyone has their theories, no one knows for sure. (Which is very odd…if you think about it.)

This doesn’t mean you don’t ask the questions! This doesn’t mean you say, “Well Bill Gates is rich, everything he says is TRUE! Question none of it!” No! Before anyone mandates that you put anything (in your fucking body!!!!) you need to ask some questions! WTF!!!!!

But hey…that’s America…home of the dumbed-down, bought and paid for idiotic, paying thousands of dollars for cancer treatments that are poisonous AF.

Sadly, you would be a fool to trust Big Med, and any of its players, Bill Gates included.

Looks like people are waking up.

Working with the Light!

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