This seems to be true. This seems to explain the mentality of a Derek Chauvin and I’m glad you did it, because while we see cops on video doing the whole murder death kill thing — gleefully at times (Chauvin), what we don’t understand is why are they gleeful about being murderous thugs? Why are the lacking the human compassion and empathy most human beings have?

I knew that to some degree they are incentivized to be this way by the systems that create them. I’ve trained cops (on EEO and Diversity) and that training largely goes in one ear and out the other on most of them, because there is a system behind them that says, yeah this is bullshit, you don’t have to listen.

But that still doesn’t explain the gleefully murderous attitude -like Cops are being trained by Charles Manson. Well, this explains it…the “unofficial” Charlie Manson socialization that coos get. Thanks for letting us know.

Working with the Light!

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