This statement right here shows how clueless you are, about the two industries big med and big pharma, what they are up to, how corrupt they are — and how little Trump, or anyone can do to change this.

I wonder how long people will engage in just pure speculative fantasy about all the great and wonderful things Trump is going to do.

Real talk. Trump and co have plans to pimp you out for everything you are worth. You are estimated to be worth $6 to $8 an interaction. Trump’s son in law featured in Business Weekly or Forbes, spoke to all the money that Trump will be making off of you and people like you for years to come.

And that is all Trump is going to do. Look at his track record. He’s brilliant at it…conning people Who fall for his hype.

But if you think, for two seconds, that a small-timer like Trump could take on the TRILLION DOLLAR industries of big med and big pharma, and all the big brains that they employ…well you clearly don’t understand the way any of it works. Big pharma is not going to fall for Trump’s hype.

He will not beat them…he will join them, if they allow it, and cut himself in on a deal…Trump pills to the rescue,only $500 a pop. And I guess you will buy it, even if they’re sugar pills, cause they’ll be in a gold package labeled Trump.

Working with the Light!

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