This…this right here! This is the best article you have ever written! We will never get ANY truth from the establishment…because they no longer understand what truth is? Is that what you’re saying here?

And…the destruction of the planet is also something they don’t understand?

Maybe they understand all of it perfectly. Maybe they continuously lie to us about everything because that is the only option. Maybe they understand that they are destroying the planet but simply don’t care. Maybe this is the reason:

Maybe there is something nonhuman behind the destruction of the planet…something that doesn’t need or want the earth as a home, but rather a resource to be used up and discarded.

It is the only theory that makes the advocation for the inevitable destruction of this planet make any sense. It also makes all the lying make sense.

Perhaps there is something advising these so called elites, to take all planetary resources and then destroy the planet in exchange for safe passage to another one. They couldn’t tell this truth without causing total chaos. But what they are saying and doing currently makes no sense!

Because if one is planning to live on this planet, partaking in its destruction is self-destructive and makes no sense.

Therefore, the elites must be planning on leaving the planet. It’s the only theory that makes sense. Clearly, Elon Musk is plotting an escape.

Now, this is just a theory…but if they all leave, wouldn’t that be a good thing? A wonderful thing to have a planet free from that dreadfully destructive presence?

Maybe all these lying liars are packing up all of the money and resources they have stolen from all of us, and moving to Mars.

Sigh…one can dream.

Working with the Light!

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