This was awesome Terijo! And you know, so on point!

Shout out to all the real good men!

Cause they are out there…and they need to be applauded and supported! I wanna check all these dudes out…cause John’s the only one I online know, but yeah he seems like a really decent guy and I love his insight into the human condition! Man he gets it! I’m like, I need to take a class from this dude! Seems like you know him in real life. That must be cool.

For whatever reason, I’ve lived a life surrounded by lots of men…grown up in families where they outnumber women like four to one. To that end, I’ve seen the good, the bad and of course the ugly. But it’s easy to discount the good, and obsess over the bad, especially in today’s world where the bad is thrown up on our face, 24/7 in video and stereo. It’s enough to drive us all nuts!

But you know what…this posts reminds me of my uncle, who calls me “baby girl” to this day! (Even though I am like 50!) who never, ever, EVER let me down, not ever. Who was always there when I needed him, who was a younger, cooler version of my grandfather (his father) who was all that, but even better!

That man, my grandpa was legendary. Would give a stranger in need the shirt off his back…word is bond! He was a GOOD man.

And it needs to be said. Good men make a huge difference in the world. Everyone respected my grandpa, everyone. I could walk down some mean streets, without a care…cause all the thugs knew…that’s Mr. Jordan’s granddaughter…don’t even think about it. (I actually heard on of them say that to another one, who was trying to step to me.)

How did I sidestep, the drama of marrying a man like my father? (A good man, in a way…but as a husband and father? He needs some work.) Don’t get me wrong…I love my daddy. He tells me I’m just like him…that’s a blessing and a curse. I mean you see me, the way I write, imagine that with testosterone and to the tenth power

My daddy…ain’t for the faint of heart. That’s for sure.

So…I went for a man like my grandpa…my uncle — and that’s what I got. Best decision I ever made in my life. I would brag about my husband nonstop, if he would let me but he hates that sort of thing…

Let me say this: that good man probably saved this crazy girl’s life.

Shout out to all the good men.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!