This was really, really interesting! All of the rhetoric has become weaponized…because we are in a war with ideas and rhetoric.

As someone who studies rhetoric (and the war waged with it) I found so much that you have written here painfully, painfully true…but most of it will be ignored, I’m sure as the ideas are just too complex and people love their silly and simple sound bites. You offer none of that. You require that people use their brains and read and think — yuck!

An interesting take on progressive white men staying silent…well come on, no white man (without some self-interest in doing so) is going to speak out against racism. Cause that’s standing up to the Klan…and those kinds of white guys are well versed in the risks of standing up to those other white guys, and they don’t wanna do it! Cause what’s in it for them? A just, fairer society? Yeah no, that’s not going to be enough for most of them.

Everything else you have said here, is pretty on point, and I sympathize with almost everything you’ve said here. No I don’t think misogynistic dismissals of Karen’s are the way to go…but I also have had my fill of Karen’s wanting to express and impress their racial dominance by any means necessary, especially as it has been weaponized against me personally.

The Karens are clearly in a mood. They hate being called on their shit, are feeling really fragile and insecure and as a result are looking for total domination of others words and thoughts (as rhetoric is pretty much all I deal in).

Saying black lives matter, shouldn’t be considered a “brand of activism” that one does “not care for” but leave to a Karen to describe it as such.

All Karens aside, I want Elizabeth Warner to be the President because she is extraordinarily competent for the fucking job!!!!

GOD, what the fuck is wrong with this idiot American public thst they can’t see this!!! What the Fuck!!!!

So we share the same extreme frustration…that we are trapped here with minds so small, they can’t even grab the life preserver handed to them on the sinking Titanic.

We had a shot (of not going down with the ship). Instead we took those life preservers, threw them overboard, insisting that the Captain would save us…and look how well that is going. Idiots!!!

And that’s everone who didn’t back Warren. The United States deserves exactly what is happening now…nonstop chaos and confusion, it’s just truly tragic for smart women like us, who happen to live here.

Working with the Light!

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