This was what I was thinking too. I have no evidence whatsoever, but you have to admit it’s awfully suspicious that after 8 years of hope that went nowhere, we were presented with two of the worst choices ever. We can’t hope with leaders who give us nothing to hope for. It certainly does feel as though the political desires of the people are being purposefully thwarted. And this whole election cycle has been really strange when you think about it — reality TV, with at least one reality TV celebrity, outrageous all throughout — and is suddenly silenced by groping allegations.

And I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been, but I’m just saying it’s just odd, how the whole thing played out. Especially since, there are far more damaging allegations out there against him involving underage rape. Those allegations were never touched by the mainstream media and those allegations also involve the Clintons. Basically the allegations are that both Trump and the Clintons had a relationship with some billionaire pedophile who provides sexual access to minors to the rich and famous. It might sound outrageous, but a similar story about this did break in the United Kingdom. Google UK pedaphile ring. If U.K. had one running for its rich and powerful, it is certainly not a stretch to think something similar was happening over here.

What would have happened if that story broke over here, in a really big way, implicating both Trump and Clinton? I have no idea. But it is clear how they both would have responded, they would have just denied it. It is what they do. What other response is there to blatant corruption? There is no benefit to admitting to doing horrible things.

The choices we appear to have are incredibly suspect.

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