This will probably tear the DNC to shreds. It was corrupt as hell anyway, so probably not much of a loss. And that’s your far bigger problem, you expect the DNC not to be corrupt, why would it change? It has aways been so. I am from Cleveland Ohio where the whole DNC (especially the judiciary) went to federal prison- because of all kinds of blatantly gangster machinations. What did you think the DNC was about?

What I worry about though are the millions of women and young women and even girls, who feel (right or wrong) that an attack on Hillary is an attack on them. There are just a lot of really, really, REALLY pissed off people, who just like you , are not shutting up, nor backing down.

All this time and attention to Hillary Clinton, just makes her stronger, keeps her relevant…now she’s got millions of people defending her, following largely because she is symbolic of the misogynistic hatred directed at any and all women who attempt to lead. So many women feel like they have been robbed…and I am not even one of them, but like I said, I am getting to a point where I’m like, I don’t want to hear about how awful she is no more. Just ENOUGH. How many times do you think you have to tell this story? Is telling it repeatedly going to change anyone’s minds? How is that working with the Cult of Trump?


For those who want to role the DNC dice, give your time and attention to that game, your best bet is to find a Khaleesi. A real cool Gen X-er. Janet Jackson, headed a Rhythm Nation and is just as qualified as Trump. Maybe even a Millenial. (Miley Cyrus- nah….Lorde! Oh…wait. Not American. I got it, the Dixie Chicks. Something for everyone!)

Hillary, Trump, Bernie are Boomers. The Boomers had their turn. Now they all need to go and sit down somewhere. But whether you like it or not, until a viable replacement shows up, Hillary has got a deep hold inside a lot of female minds, the same Trump is dominating a lot of male ones. Only a Khaleesi type, could knock Hill out.

Working with the Light!

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