Those women annoyed me so damn much, I wanted to jump into the TV and slap the white off of them.

First of all, the arrogance! They just speak so confidently and arrogantly on something which they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT!

“Blacks are lazy criminals, with no fathers in their homes!”

And then they sit back on smug lil laurels like they’ve delivered profound philosophical insights instead of just. Tossing out their little Fox News idiotic sound bites. And all that is is propaganda, but these bitters are TOO DUMB to even know what propaganda even is! Have any of them ever read a book on American history, just one? I highly doubt it!!!!

And yet, they sit back so smugly and self-assured after spouting their idiotic drivel!

Intellectually, I can paint these people into a corner where they just shut up or cry, (I’ve relished in doing both), but now, more than anything, these people make me so very tired.

Working with the Light!

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