To the contrary! This Trump show is about the only entertainment worth watching, until GoT comes back. (Three days!)

And I mean it’s hysterical! It’s the craziest show! Just unreal!!!! 20 times better than any reality TV, to the point where it’s like, I expect Ashton Kutcher to come out and be like, “You been punked, America!”

And…indeed we have. So naw…there ain’t really no us v. them in any of this, that’s an illusion. It’s all of us becoming disposable to a system that no longer gives a damn what any of us think, about well anything.

I always realized none of us were going to win, not with a Trump, and not with a Hillary either. It was always about how exactly the American people were going to lose everything- Trump’s crash and burn way, or Hillary’s slow frog boiling way. Honestly, I prefer the latter, but I now know that it doesn’t make that much difference.

Crashing and burning under Trump is entertaining as all hell, I mean you can’t make this stuff up! Tweeting incriminating emails? WTF?!???

Like Hillary, with all her email drama, didn’t tweet it! You can only get this stuff from the best reality TV show on earth, right now! The Trump presidency!

And no, no one ever “trounces” anyone really in these elections. Most of these elections are shows and almost all the candidates bought and paid for.

Now Trump can’t be bought, at least not in the traditional way. He has too much money for that. He’s not looking for a multi-million dollar pay day, but a multi-billion dollar payday. So he’s gonna play the game a little different. But politics? Clearly not his game. He’s trying desperately to get to that multi billion dollar pay day, but he just keeps getting blocked. What did he expect? He has pissed off half of the boys in the billionaire club at least, at least the American ones…which is why he f@cks with Russians, cause they’ll let Trump play in their Reindeer games.

I’d place my money on her, for real. Her and her creepy husband. They are playing this game like Sansa and Little Finger! I actually like them, even though I have no doubt they have no souls. Gotta respect the hustle, though. Well, at least I do.

Plus they are the only ones in the Trump administration that do not completely insult all intelligence. They don’t talk to people as if they are idiots, nor do they act like complete and total idiots themselves. That’s sheer brilliance, in the Trump administration. So I definitely respect their hustle.



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