Touché! You made a real good argument for being pro Ivanka (I guess) and honestly, I hear ya.

I’m Not going to tell you you’re entirely wrong. But neither am I going to tell you that you’re entirely right.

This whole “the rich bitches are really powerless” narrative, doesn’t exactly hold up.

My father always told me, “people have as much power as you give them Amber.”

And for the most part, I find that to be true.

Ivanka yields a tremendous amount of economic power with her sweat shops and her cult following of shallow bitches…she’s not a Beyoncé, who also yields a tremendous amount of economic power, but at the same time at least pays lip service to, and attempts to ameliorate the suffering of other people with that power.

Ivanka does none of that…and to my knowledge, neither did Marie Antoinette. She knew people were starving, and what does she do? Throws the equivalent of billion dollar parties, making things that much worse for the people.

She had plenty of fucking agency, just the damn day to day choices she made, like here’s a good choice, don’t throw billion dollar parties when the people are starving, idiot!!!!!

It is ugly when women attack women. I agree. But at the same time, just because a woman is a woman does not mean that she can’t be called on her shit.

Call Ivanka on her tone def bullshit!!!! It is insulting to all that is decent and sane and humane! Call it OUT!

People are in pain due to the chaos and insanity caused by her father and while no, she can’t change him, she can change her own damn self! She could volunteer in a sanctuary city, or speak out against children being snatched away from their parents and pimped out into sexual slavery and child porn videos! Why the fuck can’t she? Are you kidding me right now????

No you’re not. And that is the sad thing. I have no idea why you want to engage in these sorts of intellectual gymnastics where you just ignore entire libraries of information to make a point, a very weak point about Ivanka being the victim here and lacking agency.

It’s a cop out.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!