Touchy, touchy. I don’t necessarily agree that I am degrading anyone by stating that today’s journalism is not unbiased, furthermore that it never was. Google the Rashomon effect! The existence of Objective truth is a philosophical debate, never so hotly debated as now. Did you see the Vox article on the three different coverages of the Trump scandals by three of the majors? Basically the article posits they created three different realities, or three different versions of the same reality, which is basically true.

I got no beef with journalists. You did not hear me utter a single degrading word against journalists. Now, the state of journalism is another thing entirely, but it’s not something that is in any single journalists control. They are cogs, in a massively dysfunctional system. Probably trying against all possible odds, to do the right thing, but even so, every journalist produces an end product with a certain bias.

I remember when I first stumbled onto Medium, someone who identified themselves as a photo journalist, took pains to appear as if they were objectively covering a Black Lives Matter protest.

Unreal, the attacks, on the perceived bias. LOL. Objective and unbiased? Not a chance. Not these days.

Working with the Light!

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