True. All true…but if one race is trying to oppress another, then all the rules, all the rules around procreation get tampered with and mixed in with the racism, in order to uphold the superiority of one race over another. True fact, rape of African-American women, perfectly legal for a good part of US history. Why? Because these women were quite literally property.

Now, making women property and raping them (forcing them to submit to sexual intercourse, without working for it through proper channels) is gaming the evolutionary protocols. Do animals rape? I don’t think so. (I’m not sure, though. Also depends on your definition of rape.) But from my understanding of most of the animal kingdom, mates are selected based on something they do. A little dance, proving they are the most ferocious…something!

If one male beaver, were to get a gun, kill all the other male beavers, and round up all the other female beavers and have sex with all of them, without even proving he can build a dam — well, that little beaver has entirely thrown of the system and nature. This is what humans have done as a species.

Right now, in America white men are like that beaver. But it doesn’t really matter what the race of the man is, human males act in a way where they seek to get an unnatural advantage, and in America it was done through the whole white/black thing.

In America race, sex, class, are all deeply intertwined. Men have a very vested interest in keeping “their” women to themselves, while they exploit and rape women of other races and lower classes. Women don’t like this. It doesn’t work out well for us.

By stepfather disliked my sexist boyfriend. Not because he was sexist, he didn’t mind that at all, but because he was “a thug.”

Which he was! I learned, later in the relationship. Here is what is so mind-boggling, he was a thug who read and quoted Shakespeare, which is to say he hid it well. None of the women in my family picked up on it. But my stepdad? My uncles? They totally did! How did they know? He did not present as a thug. My guess is that men have some subconscious way of communicating or knowing the authenticity of other men. I don’t know! I am just guessing.

So my stepdad always said to me, “you can do better.” What he meant was get someone in the same class as you, or higher. Most black fathers or uncles balk at the idea of their daughters or nieces being with a man who is not black. In other words men want to ensure that reproduction occurs in their own image. My stepfather was saying to me, “find a black man like me.” And, when I did, he said, “I approve.”

So it is all related. My father-figure had requirements that spoke to race and class. Now women don’t necessarily think like this. They can and do, but women will more easily move outside the lines of race and class. It causes problems when they do. I learned that with my boyfriend- when I found out he was a thug, I was pretty freaked out!!!!

But…he quoted Hamlet! He had me with Hamlet!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!